About Us

1. It is not a gossip site

2. It is not a place to mock other people’s challenges

3. It is not a place to spread malicious rumours or slander others. Anyone that attempts to spread rumours of any sort, or slanders the character of anyone in any way will be banned from this site.

4. This is not a channel for victimisation or abuse of others

5. It is not a site for illicit or immoral behaviour of any sort

6. This is not a site to promote any specific denomination or congregation

This is a site of Love, Healing, and Encouragement – centred on the Unconditional and Unfailing Love of Jesus Christ.


Jesus died for ALL our sins – past, present, and future. Through Him we are beloved children of the most high God, and forever righteous. God says His Love Is Unfailing. It is the Unconditional and Unfailing Love of God that Heals and Empowers us to be who he created us to be.

It doesn’t matter where you are or where you’re coming from. It doesn’t matter what addiction or challenge you’re struggling with; the fact that you’re reading these words means God loves you and has a specific purpose for you.

So if you’re struggling with harmful addictions, negative habits, feeling shunned or neglected by society as a result of your present circumstance, this site is for you.

Jesus died for the ‘ungodly’ – yes, you and I.

I struggled with cocaine addiction for over 20 years. Fortunately for me I was never physically addicted. But the fact that I thought it was the best and most fun way to engage in illicit and immoral sex meant that I was psychologically addicted (I would often seek perverted sex with two / three girls at a time) resulting in a horrible vicious cycle that went on for over two decades. I can’t recall a time when I actually enjoyed the end result. Rather, each episode resulted in days of depression, shame, and self-condemnation.

I could go on and on about my cocaine fueled escapades, but that isn’t what this site is about. Rather I want to focus on the root cause.
I yearned for Love and Approval. As a result my self-esteem was lower than low. In other words I was searching for love and approval in all the wrong places and in the most hideous ways.

Many people negative addictions are simply struggling with a low self- esteem problem – desperately searching for love and approval. And the more they search for it the lower their self-esteem becomes – inevitably leading to acute self-loathing.

The key to your healing is recognising Who You Are, and what ‘Who You Are Means’
“And because we are his children, God has sent the spirit of his son into our hearts, prompting us to call out, “ABBA, Father.” ”

Galations 4 vs 6 – New Living Translation

You are God’s child, so this means you have direct access to Him. To have such access to the maker of the whole universe is a very special blessing. In other words you are not only God’s child, but extremely Precious.

The biggest objective of this platform is to empower you with God’s Unconditional and Unfailing Love; thereby enabling you to identify Who You Are, What You Possess, and Where You’re Going.

So What Will You Be Getting?

1. A platform on which you can open-up (anonymously if you wish) about your addiction / struggle. One of the devil’s biggest weapons is tricking people into believing that nobody else is like them – that they are the only ones with negative addictions / struggles, thereby ensnaring them in a vicious cycle of loneliness, self-condemnation, and self-loathing. It is a massive lie. There is nobody that’s perfect. Everyone is struggling with one challenge or another. And you are NOT on your own.

This is a platform on which you can share what you’re going through. Why? Because by doing so you immediately loosen than grip of shame and condemnation. And by so doing you enable millions of Christians around the world to pray for you.

2. Monthly Progress – enabling you to let our community (that’s what we are) know how you’re doing on a monthly basis. The truth is we all fall from time to time. But the key is to never give up, and trust that God not only loves you unconditionally but will complete the healing and work he has started in you.

3. Prayer Page – enabling you to post your prayer requests so that millions of Christians around the world can pray for you.

4. Two new articles on God’s Unconditional Love every week.

5. One Video Message on God’s Unconditional Love every week.

6. Two articles on Identifying and Selling Your Passion / Purpose every week. Again – the aim of this website is not only to heal you of your addiction through the knowledge of God’s Unfailing and Unconditional Love for you, but to empower you to fulfil you purpose.
Sounds far-fetched? Okay, let me give you an example.

2016 was an odd year for me. For some reason I fell four times – cocaine and sexual immorality. A few days after the fourth fall the Holy Spirit reminded me of something he had told me several months earlier; something he wanted me to commence in October – preaching the message of God’s Unconditional and Unfailing Love. When he reminded me a few days after that last fall my feeling was I’m the last person that should be preaching such a message.
I couldn’t help but ask God, “Why me?. For bearing in mind my many faults and failings, surely I have no right to preach your love.”

His reply?

“It’s precisely because of your many faults that I want you to tell people of my Unconditional and Unfailing Love. For it is because of my love that you’re still here. It’s because you’re starting to grasp the essence of who I am and the depth of my love for you that you haven’t given up on life. It is my love that’s keeping you going. But there are too many out there who have given up because they don’t know how much I love them.”

Isn’t it strange how God chooses to use the most unlikely and ‘unrighteous’ characters?!! I’m someone that struggled with a particular failing for many many years – alcohol, drugs, and all manner of sexual immorality that one can only explain as outright madness. For those of you that have read my book ‘Home’ you can probably recall the story of the young man walking along Lekki Express at some god-forsaken hour, wishing he was dead; sick and tired of falling into the evil grip of cocaine and various sexual escapades. That young man was me.
God has given me a mandate to take his message of Unconditional Love to all corners of the world. Do I deserve such a mandate? Definitely not. Do I have what it takes to achieve his task? Probably not. But God will accomplish it. All I need to do is Believe, Make A Start, and Keep Going.

It’s the same for you. The fact that you’re reading this means God has a specific plan for you. Over the next few months not only will you walk in the powerful and sure knowledge of God’s Unconditional Love for you, but you will also know exactly Who You Are, What Your Passion / Purpose Is, and Where You’re Going.

So please join us on this journey of Love, Support, Encouragement, and Passion/ Purpose. Together, we will not only overcome ALL our struggles, but also actualize our God given Purpose.