Why Does Peace Elude Us?

A recent survey of 771 people, carried out by Kathy Caprino, a Forbes senior contributor, revealed the top eight desires of people to be  happiness, money, freedom, peace, joy, balance, fulfillment, and confidence.

Isn’t it interesting that despite so much technological advancement, limitless information at our fingertips, and the excitement of social media, three of the top four – happiness, peace, and freedom continue to elude us!?

Furthermore, with regards to peace, the accompanying comment was ‘lack of clarity about who I am and my purpose’.

I decided to ask myself the same question – what do I desire most? And after a long and searching 0.0009 seconds the answer sprang forth.

‘Continuous peace of mind’.

Yep, a no-brainer for me. But should I, as a Christian be struggling with peace of mind? And is it just me?

I asked some fellow Christians the following question;

What do you desire most from life?

Here are their answers.

“Health and happiness are the top two.”


“Peace of mind”


“I desire purpose; the knowledge of my true path (so I know what I’m doing on this blasted planet).


“PEACE in all areas of my life.”




“To complete the purpose I was created for.”


“Grow with the Lord and be healthy.”


“Either peace of mind or happiness.”


“Peace of mind. Simply because everything connected to my well-being, self-worth, feeling of success and most importantly happiness and living purposefully stems from it.”




“To serve God and be a blessing to my generation according to the will of the father before I say “goodbye mother earth, it’s been nice knowing you.””


“Peace of mind”


“To love and be loved, I think.”


“Ah that’s easy – peace of mind. lol”


“Peace of mind and to know I’ve made a difference.”


“To make a difference.”


“Life-purpose fulfillment.”


Shouldn’t we as Christians, have peace of mind and happiness?!

Didn’t Jesus say he is “the life, the truth and the way”? (John 14 vs 6: NIV).

He also said, “my peace I leave with you.” (John 14 vs 27: NIV).

And yet, peace of mind, freedom, and happiness continue to elude us.

How God sees you and I

‘Therefore, since we have been made right in God’s sight by faith, we have peace with God because of what Jesus Christ our Lord has done for us.’

Romans 5 vs 1

First of all, God is at peace with you; meaning he sees absolutely nothing wrong with you, and has zero issues with you.

Think about those you are at peace with for a few moments (I’m hoping there are at least one or two. lol). You enjoy being with them, they make you feel good, and there is absolutely nothing about them that makes you uneasy. Multiply that by the infinity which comes with Christ’s blood for how God feels about you.

He is completely and hopelessly at peace with you!

And please note the words, ‘we have been made right’. It is not anything we do that makes us right, but what Jesus has already done. You have been ‘made’ right – not by you, your pastor, or anyone else, but by the blood of Jesus. His blood has already been shed for you, and nothing and nobody can reverse that. When we accepted Jesus as our Lord and Saviour, we were made right once and for all. Being conscious of this truth goes a long way towards giving us the peace of mind we so desperately seek.

Back to Ms. Caprino’s findings – take note of the general comment of those who took part in the survey. There seems to be a strong correlation between peace of mind, happiness, and purpose. Indeed, many of those I asked gave similar responses.

Now, here’s the rub – could our lack of peace be as a result of succumbing to the whims of the world as against being true to who we are? In other words, do we lack peace of mind because we chase after the same things the world does, as against focusing on and doing what God created us to do?

Furthermore, is it possible some churches are unknowingly leading us down the path of earthly desires – money, worldly success, praise and adoration, fame, power and influence? And this is in no way a criticism of any church. Churches are usually prone to serving the desires of their congregation.

If this is the case, in what way can we reconnect, so to speak, with the peace Jesus gave us?


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