He is No Longer on The Cross

The Easter period is a time to reflect on and appreciate the magnitude of Jesus’s sacrifice; not only suffering ridicule, insults and torture, but giving his life so that we may live and not perish. A sacrifice that confirms just how precious we are to God.

Easter is a powerful reminder of how much God loves us.

However, the question for you and I today is this;

‘When will we let go of the cross?’

Sounds rather absurd, right?! Trust me, I know. But this is the question the Lord asked me during Sunday’s resurrection service.

“This is all well and good, but when will you let go of the cross? I’m no longer on the cross. I want you to tell them to let go of the cross.”

To say I was a little shocked is a monstrous understatement. After-all, isn’t the cross what it’s all about?? But he went further;

“Where am I now? Am I still on the cross? No, I am on my throne by my father’s side. I’m now in victory, with authority over all things. I am at rest as my father places all enemies beneath my feet. But you continue to see me on the cross, and because of that you are not  walking in the true light of who you are.”

So, in my hopefully not too limited understanding of what God is saying, I will try and break this down as best I can.

1. What was nailed on the cross?

Our sins, failings, fears, defeats, curses, sicknesses, troubles, worries, the law, and all past, present and future mistakes. These things were nailed on the cross so that they could be buried with Jesus. When Jesus rose again, they did not rise with him. He rose again in total  victory and authority over all things.

But by the very nature of our worries and fears about what we did in the past, present circumstances, and whether or not we’re doing enough for God to be pleased with us, we continue to hammer additional nails onto the cross. We continue to plead for mercy as against rejoicing in the knowledge of his victory.

2. Aside from the devil, the greatest enemy that was defeated at the cross is death.

But rather than live without fear in the knowledge that we will never die, we continue to place all focus and onus on life on earth. The truth is that because you are ‘in Christ’, if he is seated at the right hand of God, then so are you – both here on earth and in heaven.

3. As Christ is, so are you.

– Christ is seated at the right hand of God.
So are you

-Christ rose again in victory to have authority over all things.
Because you are in Christ, you also have victory and authority over all things.

– Christ will never die.
Neither will you. Your body will rest until Christ comes again but your spirit will never die. Your spirit will be in heaven the moment your temporary body ceases.

Easter is a wonderful time to remember and appreciate what Jesus did for us; and as he said, we should, through holy communion remember this awesome and life-changing sacrifice regularly. But it’s time for us to stop seeing Jesus on the cross and start seeing him in victory by his father’s right hand. For that is the reality of today, and it is the reality of who we are.

My father passed-on to heaven six years ago, on 21st April. His last few days on earth were far from pleasant to see. He was in a lot of discomfort and looked nothing like the man I loved and admired for so many years. Indeed, for several days after his passing, I couldn’t get the picture of those last few days out of my head. It was both heart-wrenching and traumatic. A few weeks later, I dreamt of him smiling and waving to me from heaven, with such glow and radiance he looked unreal. The moment I woke up I knew our Lord was telling me dad is in a far better place. And furthermore, the image I saw in that dream replaced the one that had tormented me for several days; giving me a profound sense of peace and joy.

In the same way, by shifting our focus away from the cross and placing it on Jesus, the King of kings, at God’s right hand, in the knowledge that we are in him, we will begin to walk in the peace, hope, joy, and victory he has already given us.



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