Once and For All

You have been desperately waiting for some good news. Maybe something you’ve been working very hard for, or earnestly prayed about so many times you now resemble a broken record.

You feel sure the news will be good. After-all, you’ve worked hard, prayed steadfastly, and are living an immaculate life of obedience to God.

However, the day arrives, and the news isn’t what you have been hoping and praying for.

You’re distraught, angry, and hopelessly disillusioned.

‘Why? How could this happen? Did I not pray night and day?? I worked so hard! I’ve even been behaving myself.’

And then it comes.

‘Am I being punished for something? Is this because of the sins I committed all those years ago?’

Recognise this scenario?

It’s one I’ve had the unfortunate pleasure of experiencing all too often.

If you can relate with this, then join with me as we learn something together.

‘To be sure, sin was in the world before the law was given, but sin is not charged to anyone’s account where there is no law’

Romans 5 vs 13

I often used to wonder whether Adam and Eve made it to heaven or not. After-all, it was because of Adam and Eve that sin entered the world – the very first act of disobedience. I would of-course always come to the conclusion that being God’s original creation, they must have made it. However, it made no sense to me. For sin is sin, right?!

But the above verse tells us sin was in the world before the law. We often forget this very important fact. There was no such thing as the law during the time of Adam and Eve. Nor did the law exist during Abraham, Jacob or Joseph’s time. Only one thing mattered in those days – God’s unconditional love for his children.

Although Abraham obeyed God when directed to leave all he knew in order to go to heaven-knows-where, the bible tells us he lied on at least two occasions; thus suggesting Abraham, like you and I, was far from perfect. And we all know about Jacob’s treachery. Under the law they would have had to make numerous sacrifices / sin offerings to reclaim their right-standing with God. But because there was no law they didn’t have to. Their right-standing with God was never in doubt.

As God’s chosen children they stood in his grace and favour.

Just as there was no law for Abraham, Jacob, Adam, and Eve, so too with you. Furthermore, the grace you stand in is even more powerful – Jesus Christ.

But what about our past sins?

Can our past sins hinder God’s blessings today?

‘And by that will, we have been made holy through the sacrifice of the body of Jesus Christ once for all.’

Hebrews 10 vs 10

In order to fully appreciate this verse we need to consider it in its entirety.

Jesus died once (because he only needed to do so once) and for all (because his sacrifice was finite – covering every sin from the day we were born to the day we pass-on to heaven), and of-course for every man and woman that accepts him as their Lord and Saviour.

Once and for all means you and I are forever justified; forever holy.

In other words, our justification and holiness stretches from the day we entered this earth until the day we leave, and beyond. Through Jesus, we are forever back in the realm of ‘no law’. Meaning that it is impossible for our past sins to affect the way God sees us today.

Your past can never have a bearing on God’s desire to bless you today.

Finally, if you’re so mired in guilt and condemnation as a result of past or present failings and misdemeanors that you cannot see a way back to God, then I have this simple message for you.

God is saying;

“Come back to me, because I love you. I never stopped loving you. Focus not on your past or present travails but on what my son Jesus has already done for you.”


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