The Healing Power of Grace

In last week’s message, titled ‘Letting Go’, I asked you to make the following declaration every morning;

“I believe in Jesus. He has already done everything for me, and I can do whatever I want.”

Have you been making this declaration?

Are you afraid of letting go?

Or better still are you fearful that making such a declaration is way too liberal, and as such opens the door to a life of disobedience, sin, and immorality?

The best way to help you overcome this fear is to pose the following two questions?

1. How do you feel when you focus on what you must and mustn’t do for God’s love and approval?


2. How do you feel when you focus purely on how dearly loved you are by God?

The second option makes one feel at peace, special, happy, and empowered to do what is good and right.

The first option however, leads one to be so sin-focused that one is constantly fearful of the many wrong-doings of the past, sins of the present, and the inevitability of erring in the future. So much so that we’re continuously weighed down by guilt, shame, worry, sadness, and
of-course fear.

During my years of cocaine abuse and sexual immorality, I spent many hours reading my bible, praying, fasting, and doing whatever it took to overcome my afflictions. But unfortunately, the more I did so, the more I was weighed down with guilt, shame, and the seeming impossibility of victory over my sins. In short, I was stuck in a vicious cycle of being okay for three to four months, followed by a shattering fall, then being okay for a while again, followed by another shattering fall.

Did I believe I could overcome? Not really.


Because the more I focused on what I must not do, the more conscious I was of my sins, and hence the less I felt capable of securing victory.

But when I starting to learn the truth about how unconditionally loved I am through Jesus’ perfect obedience on the cross, I began to focus less on my problems and more so on how blessed and loved I am. That is not to say I didn’t fall again. I did. But over time the grip of cocaine and sexual immorality began to loosen, until it no longer had any power over me.

When you focus on how dearly loved you are by God, you are no longer ‘sin-conscious’ but ‘righteousness-conscious’.

This is why Jesus says his yoke is light. When our minds are continuously measuring our performance and addressing what we must and mustn’t do, our hearts and minds are weighed down with fear, guilt, worry, and shame.

The more you recognise how dearly loved you are by God, the greater the consciousness of your righteousness through Jesus, the less you dwell on what you must or mustn’t do, and hence the more you naturally do what is right and good.

It all boils down to what you believe.

Do you believe Jesus has already done everything for you?

Or is there plenty more for you to do?

One is light, and the other heavy.

By making this declaration –  ‘I believe in Jesus. He has already done everything for me, and I can do whatever I want’, you are effectively putting on the armour of God.

Ephesians 6 vs 10 – 17

1. The Belt of Truth
Jesus has already paid for all your sins, and as such you are not only unconditionally loved by God, but also forever his blessed and beloved child.

2. The Breast-plate of Righteousness
Through Jesus you are the perfect righteousness of God; and hence conscious of the fact that God is forever at peace with you.

3. The Shield of Faith
The reason the shield of faith extinguishes every flaming arrow of the evil one is because by believing in Jesus’ finished works you are no longer ‘sin-conscious’, but ‘righteousness-conscious’; and hence the devil’s accusations against you no longer carry any weight.

4. The Helmet of Your Salvation
Jesus has already done everything necessary for your salvation. Nothing and no-one can take that away.

5. The Sword of The Spirit
The more you focus on the gospel of Jesus, the greater your liberty from Satan’s wily ways.

God came down from heaven in the form of man to die for all your sins – once and for all – because He loves you so much. After performing such a selfless, loving, amazing, and magnificent task, do you really think he now needs your help (works) to either complete or maintain it??

I think not.

You cannot mix grace and works.

Jesus has already paid a very heavy price for God’s peace with you – making you forever righteous and dearly loved.



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