How Do You See Yourself?

For many years I saw myself as a wretched, evil and hopeless individual who deserved only the very worst things in life. As a result of my shame and guilt I didn’t think I deserved anything good from life. I believed I was the very worst person in the world. Unknown to me, this was one of the biggest reasons I continued to fall prey to cocaine and sexual immorality for many years.

The bible says that ‘as a man thinks, so he is’.

I believed there was nothing I could do to stop my urges for cocaine and sexual immorality. I also believed I was evil and beyond saving. Unfortunately this meant that I could never visualise a happy, peaceful and cocaine and sexual immorality-free life for myself. As a result this made any attempts to overcome my destructive addiction completely impossible.

How you see yourself is absolutely key to overcoming your addiction. And the key to seeing yourself free from addiction lies in first identifying who you are in Christ Jesus.

Seeing yourself in the true light of who you are is a necessary breakthrough in overcoming your addiction.

Find out more and how from this video.



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