Who You Are In Christ Jesus 1

The bible says ‘my people fail for lack of knowledge’.

The biggest area in which many Christians lack knowledge today is the depth of God’s love for his children. When I say children I’m not talking about those who obey his commands and behave perfectly. I’m talking about those that God chose to be his children before they were even born. And yes – he knew all about your mistakes and failings before you were born. Indeed, he chose you to be his child in the full knowledge of your addiction / condition.

It’s time to stop thinking of yourself as wretched and evil, and start seeing yourself in the light of who you really are.

Who are you?

Are you really in Christ Jesus?

What does being in Christ Jesus actually mean?

Recognising your identity in Christ Jesus – as a child of the most high God – as a younger brother /sister of Jesus Christ, will enable you to realise the addiction that you think is too powerful to overcome is not only absolutely nothing in comparison to who you are, but actually has no power over you at all

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