Has our generation outgrown the institution of ‘church’?

A few years ago, my dear friend (actually, more like an older brother) Tolu, asked one of those poignant questions that increases more and more in significance with each passing day.

His question?

“Is it possible the human race has evolved to such an extent that it’s outgrown the institution of marriage?”.

Well, as far as I’m concerned, the jury’s still out. Although the more I study our generation, the more I’m inclined to say ‘Yes, We Have’. However, the institution of marriage, as we know it, isn’t the topic of today’s message. Rather, I have another question for you;

Has our generation outgrown the institution of ‘church’? And furthermore, have we become so suspicious and tired of the church, that we’d rather describe ourselves as anything but ‘Christian’?

Feeling brave?

I dare you to watch this video (above).

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