The Love In Confession

“But if we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all wickedness….”

1st John 1 vs 9

Confessing is really quite easy isn’t it?!!


So why do we struggle with it?

Shame and Fear are probably the most common reasons for many people’s inability to confess – believing we’ve made the same mistake way too many times, and as a result feel God can no longer take us seriously; or that our mistakes /wrongdoings are so big that we cannot possibly deserve forgiveness. So rather we shy away from our Loving God in the hope that both sides, you and He, will forget about it after a while.

But this isn’t what I want to focus on today. I want us to look at the other side – what happens after confession. Is there anything else we need to do to earn His forgiveness? Something that needs to be done to make us right with God again? Surely it can’t just be a case of simply confessing our sins and that’s it, all is forgiven, and we’re right with God again?? Just doesn’t seem right does it?

Our human nature finds it very difficult to accept that all we have to do is confess; that as soon as we’ve confessed, there’s nothing more to be done. I know I often find it difficult to accept that nothing needs to be done from my side. I always feel as though I must do something to earn my right standing with God.

But there really is NOTHING else for you or I to do. Jesus says we should simply confess our sins in order to not only receive forgiveness but to also be cleansed from all wickedness. In other words, He’s already done all the work – all that needs to be done for our Permanent Right Standing With God.

The truth is although we love to complicate things, Christianity is actually rather simple. There are no formulaic ‘works’ for us to perform – no complicated prayers for us to orate. Indeed, our desire to earn our forgiveness and righteousness via some form of ‘works’ is a great indication of mankind’s pride of ‘self’. One can’t help thinking that if more Christians accepted and embraced the truth of the fact that Jesus has already done all the work, we would be a much more Forgiving, Loving, Non-Judgmental, and Tolerant Society / People.

Simply openly and genuinely confess your mistakes to God, and be rest assured that by doing so he has not only forgiven you, but will ALWAYS to be on your side.

One of my biggest challenges is post confession – having confessed my mistakes, and as the bible says, received forgiveness, I then proceed to continue to focus on my wrongs, and as a result feel more and more guilty, ashamed, and afraid of the future.

But God tells us that as far as the east is from the west, so far has he removed our transgressions from us. Now I want to make one thing abundantly clear here – when God says east from west, He isn’t speaking in the terms of the world, but the entire universe. Question – can you even fathom where the east and west of the universe are? I certainly can’t. It’s too extra-ordinarily enormous to even imagine. Hence this tells me that as far as God is concerned our sins don’t even exist.

Isn’t it amazing that our God loves us so much that through Jesus Christ our sins don’t even exist?!!
This awesome truth enables you and I to focus not on our mistakes, sins, and failures, but fully on how Merciful and Loving our God really is.

I have my own confession to make. I wrote three quarters of this article on Monday morning. But I didn’t know how to end it so I put it aside – until this morning – Friday. A few minutes ago I received a call from my dear nephew, Tosin, who asked me this very simple question;

“Uncle, when was the last time you heard Love preached in church?”

Answer – ‘’I can’t remember. Certainly not this year anyway.’’

It got me thinking – when we confess our mistakes to God, we should do so out of the sure knowledge of His Love – His Unconditional Love For You and I; and because of His Unconditional Love and Mercy, we can be rest assured that we are completely forgiven, and need not continue to dwell on our mistakes.

Let’s look at it this way – most times we confess to someone we’ve wronged, it’s as a result of our knowledge of that person’s Love for us. For we believe he or she deserves so much better. However, because that person is human, he or she may take a while to forgive. But the route of our confession remains the same – the knowledge of that person’s love, kindness, and good intentions towards us.

God isn’t human. He is perfect in Love and Mercy. So much so that he sent his son to die for you – before you even knew him. Do you really think that now you do know Him He isn’t going to forgive you??

God is Perfect in Forgiveness.

He is Perfect in Love.

He is Awesome in Mercy.

Go to Him freely, in the sure knowledge of His Love and Mercy, and be very rest assured that not only are you forgiven, but He is most definitely on your side.

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  1. Many Christians have been conditioned to believe that, when we confess our mistakes or sins, we are doing so to a reluctant God, who would rather punish us than forgive us. – Not True!!!
    When we confess, because God knows all things, and He is aware of the fact we most likely will do the same thing again, he is not excited and in fact not impress at all and therefore we need to prove our seriousness to him. – Not True!!!
    Since pastors and church leaders have been made to be like God, many Christians believe they mirror God by how they deal with forgiveness – Not True!!!
    The Church can’t preach LOVE if it believes such teaching is giving people license to sin, forgetting that man has never sought or require a license to sin, we just sin.
    The most dangerous thing is to confess your sins to man that will condemn you, kill your spirit, and pour tons of guilt on you, confession is first a heart thing with God, and then a verbal thing to you the individual, speaking to your soul that you recognise what you have done is wrong and you are forgiven.
    Confession must always be accompanied by a true knowledge of God’s Forgiveness, otherwise, a vacuum is created that is filled with guilt, shame and worthlessness.

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