Believe The Glimpse, Not The Negative Voices

So there you are, seated in your car, or doing something fairly mundane, when all of a sudden you get a glimpse of yourself doing something fairly extraordinary in the future. For a few seconds your body literally shakes with excitement as a result of that rarest of occasions of heart being in complete sync with mind.

But not too many more seconds pass by before those negative voices rear their ugly heads – bringing you back to so-called reality;

“Of-course you can’t achieve that. Look at where you are. It’s impossible!”

“Are you mad? Look at what you were doing a few days ago!”

“Look how you failed so miserably in the past. How can you even think of doing that??”

Notice something? The voices usually point you to your past or present.

Here’s a reality check.

So long as you’re still breathing, your past and present have no power to determine your future. The only way your past and present can determine your future is if you allow them to.

How do we allow them to?

Simple – by believing what we see – when we look back at our past mistakes and failings, and decide that our present circumstance isn’t only well deserved as a result of our failings but also permanent.

But guess what?!

That glimpse of yourself doing something extraordinary in the future is actually The Real You.

But you refuse to take the necessary steps towards it because you’re afraid.

– afraid of what people think of you

– afraid of what people might say

– afraid that you might fail

Today I want to share a little secret with you. Whenever the Lord wants me to do something out of the ordinary for Him He usually prepares me by telling me to read the first ten verses of Joshua Chapter 1 for about two weeks or so – every morning and every day. In-fact it’s now so apparent that whenever He directs me to read those verses the first thought that comes to mind is, ‘Oh no, what’s He planning now?’

Let’s look at verse 9

“Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.”

These are God’s words, not mine or yours. And he’s telling you right now not to be discouraged by your past failings / mistakes, or you present circumstance; but to be ‘courageous’ – to believe that glimpse of yourself achieving that extraordinary feat in the future is not only attainable but is in-fact the real you.

There are four things holding you back.

1. A fear of leaving your comfort zone – especially your financial comfort zone

2. A fear of failure – especially what people might say or think of you

3. Not having the necessary resources

4. Procrastination

For many, the biggest cause of stagnation and unrealised dreams is procrastination – way too much talk and very little action; waiting for the perfect time, the necessary resources, and the right people around you.

Another reality check – It Doesn’t Work Like That!!

There is no perfect time, and the right people and the necessary resources will only turn up once you’ve made a start.

Ask any of today’s successful people whether or not things were perfectly placed before they commenced their journey, and they’ll all tell you the same thing – ‘’No They Bloody Weren’t!!’’. And not only were things far from perfect but they also had to learn to ignore those negative voices of ‘yesterday’ and ‘today’.

That glimpse of yourself achieving that great feat in the future IS the Real You. So next time it comes, I want you to tell those negative voices of ‘yesterday’s mistakes/failings, and today’s unpleasant circumstances to go to hell. Then wallow in that glimpse for several minutes, after-which I want you to plan your step by step to actualise it.

And the very first of those Steps is;

‘What does that glimpse of myself in the future tell me about my Passion, Who I Am, and Where I’m Going?’

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