Something Far Greater Than You

We all know what Christianity is – a fundamental belief that Jesus, the son of God, and the anointed one, died for all our sins and rose again on the third day – thereby not only ensuring the complete forgiveness of all our iniquity and a sure place in heaven, but also our permanent release from sin’s captivity.

But there’s a phrase many of us like to use, which, thanks to a conversation I had with a friend earlier today, I’ve come to realise is a little misleading – and possibly even a rather dangerous concept.

The phrase? – ‘Christianity is a lifestyle’.

Now to the chat with my friend – she has been attending the Alpha course, and is pleasantly surprised by how much she likes it; even going so far as to say she has been filled with an inexplicable peace during the past few weeks. Furthermore she told me that since she started spending more time reading the bible and praying, things have been going really well in her life.

Whilst very happy to hear this I felt a responsibility to warn her it won’t always be a bed of roses; and that Christianity doesn’t mean a life without struggle – indeed far from it. She fully understood, which made me even more happy.


Because it’s important for all Christians to recognise the simple fact that ‘not every day is gonna be a bed of roses’. Indeed many days won’t be. But our saving grace is we have a God who will always enable us to overcome every test / challenge that comes our way – even if at times we feel like throwing in the towel.

So what exactly is a Christian Lifestyle anyway? One of obeying the commandments, speaking and behaving in certain way, and going to all the right places??

Nope – don’t think so. If this is the case then the Pharisees were greatest Christians of all!

Let’s not be fooled by this ‘lifestyle’ nonsense. It only leads to pretense, falsehood, and an absurd amount of tom-foolery.

Jesus didn’t come here to preach perfection. He came to preach Forgiveness and Love.

Christianity is not a lifestyle, but a belief in something / someone far greater than me or you – Jesus, your Neighbour, and Salvation.

Do I have to live a perfect lifestyle to believe in Jesus, Salvation, and a Love For My Neighbour? Of-course I flipping don’t!!!

So let’s please stop this ‘perception’ nonsense. Enough of this ‘I am perfect lark!!’. It’s all a load of claptrap. I for one am ever so tired of it. And I’m pretty sure you are too.

One more thing – I often wonder whether there’s any difference between the Christianity we practice now-a-days and the traditional religion our ancestors practiced. There was no real relationship between them and their gods; merely formulas for success / results – be-it sacrificing animals, going to the local witchdoctor, or drinking blood. Yes, we no longer drink blood, or sacrifice animals, (sorry, can’t vouch for people not going to witch-doctors – actually I can’t fully vouch for the other two either), but we’re still practicing the same formulaic type of religion – recipe for success for ‘me me me’. Don’t get me wrong, we all want success. And I’m certainly not judging anyone. However Christianity is not about your success but about something /someone far greater than you.

So what am I saying?

Simple – let’s please stop selling ‘Perfection’ and ‘Formulas for prosperity’. Yes, God wants us to prosper in many ways, but amassing wealth, building magnificent structures, and purchasing the nicest cars is NOT what Christianity is about.

It ain’t about you. It’s always been about Jesus, and those around you.

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