Your Permanent Status

“Consequently you are no longer foreigners and aliens, but members of God’s Household….”
Ephesians 3 vs 19

Two questions come to mind when I read this verse.

1. What does it mean to be a member of God’s Household?


2. What is a Christian?

The two are intrinsically linked, but let’s begin with God’s Household

In human terms there’s no guarantee that one will remain a member of a particular household forever. Either through marriage, choice, or even eviction there are numerous reasons why one could cease to be a member of a household. Hence to be a member of a household is often not a permanent status.

Is it the same with God’s Household?To best answer this, let’s look at Ephesians 3 vs 22.

“And in Him you too are being built together to become a dwelling in which God lives by his spirit.”

Ephesians 3 vs 22

Just as with human households, in God’s Household there are certain standards and ways of doing things – expectations of behaviour, mindset, and heart. But unlike a human household where the onus is on the individual to ensure he or she measures up to the required standards, in God’s Household the responsibility for measuring up lies with Him – or better still the Holy Spirit.

Note – the bible doesn’t say we are doing the building,  but very clearly tells us we are being ‘built’. By whom? – by the Holy Spirit. In God’s Household God does the building – God does the work – the moulding of our hearts and minds to reflect Him more and more with each passing day.

This doesn’t mean it happens overnight. Neither does it mean the process / journey is smooth sailing.

A Christian is someone that believes Jesus, the son of God, died for our sins and rose again on the third day. A Christian is not a Christian because of the way he or she behaves, or the standards he or she keeps.

A Christian has problems, challenges, temptations, falls, and failings just like anybody else. He or she will experience happiness, sadness, anger, anguish, grief, turmoil, peace, and elation, just like anyone else. The only difference being that he or she has the Holy Spirit to comfort, strengthen, and guide him/her at any given period.

Christianity isn’t a magic formula for prosperity. When we measure Christianity by how much we possess we merely equate it to worldly standards. Jesus doesn’t do worldly standards.

Christianity is a belief in someone (Jesus) far greater than oneself, and hence the surety that over time one will more and more become the person God created one to be.

We must always remember that we are human beings – meaning that by our very nature we’ll make mistakes. I can’t for the life of me understand why we insist on promoting this absurd perception of perfection. Not only is it a happless fad, but also utterly unrealistic. And yes, even pastors make mistakes. It is not our place to judge or criticise, but to pray that God guides them (pastors) to lead us in His way; and to give them the strength to resist the many temptations that no doubt come their way.

There will be challenges. There will be tough periods. There will be temptation. There will be falls. But take heart, because God knew of all your challenges, falls, mistakes, and failings before He chose you; and He doesn’t fail.

One doesn’t flutter in and out of God’s Household based on performance.  Being A Member of His Household Is A Permanent Status.


Because You Are In Christ Jesus, and as such nothing and no-one can remove you.

He Will Build You Up

He Will Mould You Into Who He Wants You To Be

He Will Give You Victory

Being a member of God’s Household, by His Grace (because He Chose You) doesn’t mean freedom to do as one pleases. But as He builds you up your heart and mind will become more and more in tune with His, thereby leading to a more Christ-like life.

Again, there will be moments / times when you don’t feel Christ-like at all. However it’s not about how you feel, but the truth of what Jesus did, what he continues to do, and who you are in Him.

You are permanently a treasured member of God’s Household


No matter how you feel, be rest assured that God is continuously Building You Up.

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