Share Your Struggle With Someone Today

There are two major make or break junctions one comes across when struggling with a negative addiction. The first is accepting you have an addiction; and the second is doing something about it.

It’s the second junction many struggle with – the point at which one has to decide whether or not to keep a dark secret to oneself or whether to talk to someone about it.

In a world wherein we tend to judge one another based on perception, image, and reputation it isn’t at all surprising that many find it difficult to seek help. Rather, preferring to keep their struggles to themselves as against risking their images being tainted by seeking help.

I honestly believe one of the reasons I’m still alive today is the simple fact that I always sought the help of family and friends. In other words if I fell I told them. If I was feeling tempted I told them. Whenever I needed help I literally ran to them. Yes, it often made me feel weak and pathetic, as well as put myself at risk of being the unfortunate topic of much gossip, but the important thing is that I’m alive and well. Opening up to family and friends about your struggle helps you in three definitive ways.

1. Enables you to know you’re not alone, thereby neutralising one of the devil’s biggest strategies – which is to make you feel as though you’re the worst person in the world. Trust me – you’re most definitely not the worst person in the world – far from it.

2. Gives you renewed hope, thereby removing that suffocating feeling of being trapped in a vicious cycle.

3. Enables you to make some tough decisions in order to find a long lasting solution.

There’s a very simple question you must ask yourself.

Does this addiction have the potential to destroy my life?

If the answer is yes then I urge you to speak with someone about it – family, close friend, or pastor.

The devil will no doubt tell you one of the following;

1. You can’t do that. Think of your reputation
2. Why wash your dirty linen in public? You’ll be fine. Don’t worry, it won’t happen again
3. There’s no hope for you anyway, so why bother?

All Lies
What good will your reputation do you if you continue to secretly self-destruct?
So long as you keep your struggle to yourself you’ll most likely continue in a vicious cycle of guilt, condemnation, and defeat.

Once you share your pain and struggle with someone close to you, you’re on the way to your healing.

If you’re not sure who to talk to then ask God (yes, ask God. He never stopped loving you) to guide you. Ask him to show you who to talk to. He will either direct you to the person or literally bring the person to you.

Don’t allow Satan to blind you with pride and fear. Speak To Someone Today. Or at the very least post an anonymous message on this website so that we can pray for you.

God loves you today just as much as he did when you were born.

He’s always loved you, and He always will.

You are and will always be His Beloved Child.


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