It’s All About Jesus

“For it is by Grace you have been saved, through faith – and this is not from yourselves, it is the gift of God – not by works, so that no-one can boast.”

Ephesians 2 vs 10

Could this verse be any clearer?? It not only tells us our faith has nothing to do with works – ie – any act or performance, but very clearly informs us that Grace (Jesus) is a gift from God.

According to Wikipedia, ‘a gift or a present is an item given to someone without expectation of payment.’

In other words we cannot ‘earn’ our salvation. Neither can we earn God’s Love and Favour. The price for God’s Unconditional Love and Favour was paid for on the cross – Jesus has already done it.

But unfortunately there’s a tendency to want the glory for ourselves.

During a of month of fasting and prayer many years ago I felt so great and pure that I was sure nobody’s prayers had as much power and might as mine. As far as I was concerned each day of fervent fasting and prayer earned me not only more favour from God but also respect and kudos. Furthermore over time I began to look down on those I deemed to be ‘lesser’ Christians as a result of their not fasting and praying as much as I did. In essence it all became about me – what I was doing, what I could do, and how great I was. In other words everything was about what I was doing, and not what Jesus has already done.

Here’s a reality check – Christianity is All About Jesus – and what He Has Already Done.

The more we make Christianity about ‘us’, and the ‘works’ we do, the more Boastful, Proud, and Judgemental we become – inevitably leading us far far far away from the Loving, Kind, Humble, and Tolerant, people God wants us to be.

This for me is one of my greatest concerns with Christianity in Nigeria today. We seem to have found a surreal way of mixing Grace with works. In other words in most churches Grace is preached on one hand, whilst the other hand tells us we must work hard to hold on to and sustain /maintain our Grace. Almost as though Jesus only started the work – leaving us to complete it. If that’s the case then why on earth did He say, “It is finished”???

The beauty about Grace is the fact that it gives us the sure and absolute knowledge that Jesus has already done everything. That because He said “It is finished” then it really is ‘Finished’ – complete. There’s nothing more to do. The only thing expected of us is ‘faith’ – to believe that Jesus has already done it.

Unfortunately many pastors across our land are knowingly or unknowingly putting people in chains of worry, guilt, and fear.

I make a point of spending the first two hours of all my sessions on the reality of God’s Unconditional and Unfailing Love for each and every-one of us. At the end of one such session a few months ago I asked each person to tell me three things he /she had learned. Seventy percent of them said the most important thing they had learned is that they now know God loves them. Whilst happy to hear, it also saddened me. For it aptly demonstrates the fact the majority of people are enslaved in a constant worry of whether God loves them or not – believing they have to watch every step, action, and word in order to earn His love. In other words the Gospel isn’t being preached in most churches.

Two very important things I want you to take from today’s message;

1. Christianity is about the Good News of the Gospel. It is not about the dos’ and don’ts of the Old Testament. It’s about Jesus’ finished works.

2. What makes you special is your position as a child of God – through your belief that Jesus died and rose again – not your works.

Just as we didn’t share the pain, sorrow, and torture of the cross with Jesus, we cannot mix Grace and Works.

Jesus has already done everything necessary to guarantee your salvation.


Because God chose you as His beloved; and He wants nothing – absolutely nothing – to get in the way of him spending an eternity with you.

Doubt not His Unconditional Love for you.

Doubt not about whether or not you’re going to heaven.

Jesus has already done it.

Enjoy every day of your life in the sure knowledge of God’s Unconditional and Unfailing Love for you.

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