Already Sealed and Delivered

Can you remember that superb series called the Tudors? Till this day I continue to hope the producers somehow find a way to prolong it. Yes I know it’s pretty darn impossible as Henry VIII dies at the end, but hey, one can always live in hope!

One of the things I constantly marveled at during that series was the finite power of the king’s seal. A letter /document with the king’s seal on it meant whatever decision had been made was irreversible; that absolutely nothing and no-one can change or prevent it.

Now bearing in mind the fact King Henry XIII, though immensely powerful was just a human being, imagine how finite the seal of the God who created and reigns over all things is!

“When you believed in him, you were marked in him with a seal, the promised Holy Spirit, who is a deposit guaranteeing our inheritance until the redemption of those who are God’s possession – to the praise of His glory.”

Ephesians 1 vs 13 -14

Is there a more powerful demonstration of Who We Are and What We Possess than this verse?!
Let’s focus on four words / phrases

Seal, Guarantee, God’s Possession, and Praise of His glory.‎

As I pointed out earlier there’s no greater immovable power and authority than God’s seal. In other words because he has marked you with His seal, there is absolutely nothing. – no failing, no mistake, no addiction, no sin, no error of judgment – that can take you away from Him and your Inheritance in Jesus Christ.

God’s Possession

You are God’s possession. Ask yourself the following question;

If the one who is sovereign over all things holds something in his hand, is it possible for anyone or anything to remove it from him?

I don’t think so.


You are God’s possession. You belong to God, to His Family, and His Kingdom.

One of the biggest desires many have is one of approval and belonging. This often desperate desire can lead to the poorest of lifestyle choices.

You are God’s possession; and nothing can take you away from Him. And because you belong to Him he will ALWAYS Love and Approve of you – no matter what you’ve done or how you’re feeling.


Your inheritance is Guaranteed. Stop worrying about whether or not you’ll make it to heaven. Jesus has already Guaranteed your Salvation. Nothing and no-one can ever take that away.

Yes, I know that can be a fairly difficult truth to hold on to in Nigeria. After-all so many of the phrases we hear on Sundays, such as ‘be careful to make sure you’re not committing a sin when Jesus returns’ are not only counter- productive in that they simply make people focus too much on sin and as a result live life in a most unhealthy fear, but they’re also far from the truth of Jesus dying for All Our Sins, and hence declaring “It Is Finished.”.


Through Jesus, and not your works, your inheritance is guaranteed.
Praise of His Glory

One of the most common questions on the minds of many Christians is ‘How can I be sure that God will help me?’

The answer is very simple.

Apart from the fact he’ll help you because of his Unconditional Love for you, He also wants you fully restored to your pre-ordained true self because it will be to the ‘Praise of His Glory’.

So fear not about your present circumstances. In future, when people look at what God has done in your life they will not only marvel at His Mighty Favour and Grace, but praise Him for His awesome work (in your life).

Your life will be a ‘Glory’ to His name.


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