You Have A Right To Succeed

One of the biggest stumbling blocks to many people’s success is their belief that somehow they have no right to succeed; that they don’t deserve success. Or that God is with-holding success from them because of past mistakes / failings.

Think about it this way.

What enables you to have the best ideas and greatest confidence? Answer – a clear mind, and the belief that you not only have what it takes to succeed, but also deserve success.

In other words worrying about why you may not deserve to succeed not only obstructs your thought process and thereby your creativity, but also fills you with all manner of doubts and negativity.

Remember – the first thing a prospect buys into before buying into a product / service is you. In other words before assessing the value proposition of a particular product or service, most prospects make a subconscious decision as to whether or not you’re someone they want to do business with.

What usually informs this decision is your likeability and confidence level.

A huge component of your likeability and confidence level is Self Esteem.
– how you see yourself‎
– whether you believe you have a right to succeed
– whether you believe you have what it takes to succeed
– your worthHere are two reasons why you should have a very high self esteem.1. As far as the heavens are from the earth, so great is His love for you
Psalm 103 vs 11

2. He has removed our sins as far from us as the east is from the west.
Psalm 103 vs 12

Do you think God’s ‘East from the West’ is referring to the earth???
He is the God of the entire universe. Can you possibly fathom where the east and west of the universe are??
Exactly! It’s more or less unfathomable.

In other words because of what Jesus has already done for you, in God’s eyes your sins / mistakes / failings don’t exist.

The only person assessing your past failings and mistakes is you.

Hence the biggest thing holding you back is the negative light in which you see yourself.

See yourself in the true light of which God sees you – Dearly Beloved and deserving of His Unmerited Favour, because of what Jesus has already done for you.

You not only have every right to succeed, but you deserve to.

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