Selling Your Passion: Part Two

So you’ve managed to Build some Rapport, your prospect likes you, and is starting to feel you’re someone he or she can do business with. You’re about 70% of the way to sealing the deal.

But there’s still some work to be done before getting over that finish line.

The remaining 30% depends on your ability to convey your expertise. For after a prospect buys into you, the next thing he or she buys into is your ability to deliver. There are three underlying questions in the mind of every prospect.

1. Do I like this person?
2. Do I trust this person?
3. Does this person have what it takes to deliver?

We’ve already dwelt on 1 and 2 this week, so let’s focus on 3 today – ‘Can this person deliver?’

How do you convince a prospect you have what it takes to deliver? Or better still how do you convey your Expertise?

Let’s start with how you don’t do it.

Don’t rabbit on and on about how great you are and how many companies you’ve done so many amazing things for. All this does is encourage prospects not to like or trust you. Whilst this strategy may at times get you business, the likelihood is you won’t get repeat business over time. And Business, as I’m sure you know by now is all about Relationships – Repeat Business.

The best way to demonstrate Expertise is via conversation. Conversation is ‘two way’ – it isn’t you constantly going on about how great you are. Converse about your business area – listening to your prospect’s views on certain aspects and hence getting a clearer idea of his or her needs and desires. During this ‘two way conversation’ you demonstrate a thorough understanding of your sector /business area, your prospect’s point of view, and what he/she desires.

Expertise, conveyed via conversation will naturally build a prospect’s confidence in your ability to deliver.

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