Selling Your Passion: Part One

This week’s focus is on Selling Your Passion.

You’ve Identified your Passion, you know you can build a sustainable business /career from it, but you don’t know how to sell. Or at least you think you don’t.

Let’s get one thing very clear. No matter what line of business or career you go into you’ve got to be able to Sell Yourself, What You Do, and What You Have To Offer.

We’ll be focusing on Selling Yourself this week.

The first thing a prospect buys into is you. So what is it about you that a prospect might be interested in buying into?

1. Like-ability
Nobody wants to do business with someone they don’t like or trust. Remember – buying can be quite a psychological /emotive action. We often buy /subscribe to things without knowing the reason why. In most cases the reason stems from the fact that there’s something we like about the person selling the product / service to us. Hence the number one thing you focus on at the start of your meeting is Building Rapport.

Building Rapport works in four stages;

Similar To – Friends – Trust – Business

1. Similar To
When meeting with a prospect, if he or she thinks you’re similar to them, they start to like you.

2. Friends
Once he or she starts to like you they believe you can be friends

3. Trust
Once he or she believes you can be friends they begin to Trust you.

4. Business
Once he or she Trusts you they can do Business with you.

So it’s all about mirroring your prospect’s character. However this doesn’t mean you pretend to be something or someone you’re not. Never ever pretend to be something or someone you’re not.

Simply decide which level of yourself best suits your prospect.

For example I have different types of friends. Some are energetic and outgoing, whilst some are quiet and reserved. As a naturally outgoing and energetic person I can be the fully energetic Segun Akande with my energetic and outgoing friends. But when with my more quiet and reserved friends I’m the quieter version of Segun Akande. The character remains the same, but at a reduced /lighter level.

The only way to effectively assess and decide which level of your true self best suits your prospect is to Listen (with both eyes and ears) more than you speak.

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