The Real Success In The Journey

So there I was having a chat with my older brother’s wife about the various stages of development we all go through in life, when all of a sudden she says;

“You know Segs, in a funny kind of way your struggles have made you a much better person. You used to be so judgmental, but you’re not at all anymore. You’re now a lot more tolerant.”

Feel free to give me a resounding round of applauds!!

But jokes aside, whilst a little taken-a-back by my big sister’s comments, I can’t disagree with her.  Not only was I extremely judgemental, but also something of a perfectionist. So it’s no surprise I’ve had to go through (and still am) what some might term a ‘humbling’ process. I sense this particular process may go on for some time, as I no doubt have so much more to learn and improve on. However as I do so I become better able to carry out my mandate to heal people with the message of God’s Unconditional Love; thereby enabling them to not only Identify and Sell Their Passion, but also vehemently believe they have every right to succeed, no matter their past or where they’re coming from.

Identifying your passion is just the beginning. Indeed the fact you’ve done so guarantees many months / years of struggle, seemingly insurmountable obstacles, and so many challenges you’ll often wish you’d never started the journey in the first place.

But the greatest success lies in the journey.

What happens during this journey?

  1. You learn Patience
  2. You develop Humility
  3. You learn from mistakes
  4. You get back up, no matter how many times you fall
  5. You build Knowledge
  6. You grow in Discipline
  7. You develop a ‘Can Do’ mindset and attitude
  8. You realise your Passion isn’t about you but something far greater

Very few successful people are the same as when they started their journey. Every great person has had to endure periods of hardship wherein they were pushed to the edge of giving up all together. However it was during their at times painful journey that they became better prepared for their future success.

J.K Rowling was a single mother living on welfare when she wrote the first Harry Potter book. Rumour has it she couldn’t even pay her electricity bill. Furthermore her first book was rejected by twelve publishers. Now she’s worth more than US$1bn.

At the age of 22 Oprah Winfrey was fired from her job as a TV reporter because she was ‘unfit for TV’. Winfrey’s post as co-anchor of the six o clock weekday news on Baltimore’s WJZ-TV was terminated because of low ratings. She was then demoted to morning TV. But her demotion turned out to be a blessing in disguise. Not only did she find her voice but she would go on to dominate daytime television for the next twenty five years.

Don’t be put off by the challenges and problems that will no doubt come your way. They’re a very necessary part of your overall success.

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