Four Simple Steps To Identify Your Passion

Whilst conducting an interview for a sales role many months ago I noticed the gentleman being interviewed lacked excitement regarding the position he was being interviewed for. Not that he didn’t make an effort. He did. But something was missing.

No longer able to contain my suspicions I eventually asked him the following question;

“What are you passionate about?”

All of a sudden this young man was energy personified. His eyes literally lit up as he began to talk about chemical engineering.

He knew what his passion is, but simply hadn’t figured out a way to monetise it.

Want to know the reason behind the success of many of today’s Entrepreneurs, Businessmen, CEOs?

They’re Passionate about what they do.

Your wealth lies in your passion.

Here are Four Simple Steps to identifying your passion.

1. Identify What Your Essence is.
Call three friends and ask them what they get from spending time with you.
This will enable you to know what you’re naturally wired to give people.

2. Identify – Three things you desire the most
– Three things you find to be most fun
– Three things that excite you the most

3. Write down a list of things you’re committed to?

4. Once you’ve done the above, find the common denominator (s) in what you’ve identified.

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