Far Bigger Than You

You’ve heard me say it many times – “Your Passion Is Bigger Than You!”

But what exactly does this mean?

In order to better explain let’s clarify the meaning of another word – Success

What Is Success?

Let’s look at what it isn’t.

1. It ain’t how much you have in the bank
2. It ain’t how big your house is
3. It certainly isn’t how many letters you have after your name
4. It ain’t how many luxurious cars you have
5. Neither is it your title or your job specs

True success is having the courage to do what you were created to do – walking daily on the path that was designed for you to walk on. To do so often means going against logic, feelings, societal norms, and even expectations of those closest to you. Hence the need not to care what people may say or think. This is where the courage comes in – to do what you’re passionate about no matter what people say or think of you; and no matter how many times you fail.

The fact of the matter is there are too many people depending on you to succeed. Too many people relying on your having the courage to actualise your Passion / Purpose; and as such how you feel is irrelevant because it isn’t actually about you at all.

You were designed with a particular Passion in order to fulfil a specific Purpose. It was never about you. It’s always been about the hundreds / thousands / millions that are depending on you.

Allow me to use myself as an example.

There are often times when I’m writing my Sunday messages on God’s love that I think, ‘Lord, you know I love writing about who you are and encouraging people with the truth of your love,  but do I really have to write another article on ‘Love’? People must be getting so fed up with it. In-fact I’m sure they make fun of me. Can’t I write about something else?’

His answer is always the same;

“No. This is your Purpose. It’s not about you or how you feel. It’s about those that need to hear the message. Keep writing about my Love.”

Florence Nightingale substantially impacted the course of modern nursing and medicine. But we may never have even heard of her if she had heeded her parents’ objections. Born into a wealthy family she was expected to simply marry and have children. Nurses were considered to be poorly educated and somewhat promiscuous in those days, so her parents forbade her from that line of work. Much to their displeasure Florence declined a marriage proposal in order to pursue her passion for healing the sick – enrolling in nursing school at age 30. Her impact was phenomenal – she improved sanitary conditions at hospitals, developed better nursing practices, and created educational programs and schools for other nurses.

Imagine the negative impact on so many millions of lives had she chosen the safer option of doing what was expected of her!

Your Passion is far bigger than you.

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