What We Are Called To Do

There’s a particular question that’s been gnawing away at me for several weeks; and no matter how hard I kick it into touch it keeps coming back. This is no criticism of anyone at all. Indeed I include myself in this assessment.

Something doesn’t seem right about what most of us portray Christianity to be these days.
And the reason for this is because ‘perfection‘ and ‘performance‘ have somehow found their way into the mix.

So perplexed have I been by this that I asked a few people the following question;

“What exactly are we Christians supposed to be selling?”

Below are their answers;

“The fruit of the spirit as stated in Galatians 5 vs 23 – Love, Joy, Peace, Kindness, and more.”

“Not sure if ‘selling’ is the right word, but I would say we are called to proclaim Christ and Salvation.”

“Not sure if ‘selling’ is the right word but we should be sharing more love.”

“Love of God and his kingdom.”

“We should portray the love of God.”

I love all the above answers, as I believe they’re all spot-on.

Why my use of the word ‘selling’?

As Christians we’re called to ‘sell’ forgiveness and the unconditional love of God. Sorry to use a business term but it’s the simple reality. In other words our lives should reflect the Unconditional Love of God – via our Unconditional Love for others. Not only do actions speak louder than words, they often ‘sell’ a lot more effectively.

Jesus said “love your neighbor as yourself.”

This is our most important calling – not striving to be perfectly righteous or showing others how materially blessed we are as a result of our obedience to God.

But why do we find it so difficult to love one another?

The answer is quite straight forward. What most of us have bought into isn’t ‘love’, but ‘performance’ and ‘perfection’ – the perfect way to live, the perfect lifestyle etc etc – our performance of righteousness, performance in giving, and performance on Sundays.

Christianity seems to have been sucked into the surreal world of ‘media perfection’ – perfect pictures of success and affluence, stories of perfect lives, perfect blessings.

Unfortunately none of these things are real; and as a result many are led down a path which inevitably culminates in frustration, disillusionment, and confusion – as a result of searching and striving for the wrong things.

“For all that is in the world – the Desires of the flesh and the Desires of the eyes, and pride in possessions – is not from the father but from the world.”

1 John 2: 15-17

In other words we seem to be searching for the same things the world is searching for.  And as such, why should anyone feel the desire or need to be a Christian if we’re chasing exactly the same things they are??

Jesus isn’t interested in your ‘performance’ or ‘perfection’. What he really wants is for you to grasp just how wide and how deep his love for you is; and to try as best you can to love others the same way – Forgiveness, Love, and Lifting Up instead of Pulling Down.

Christ came not just to save, but to show us how to live our lives – in a spirit of Forgiveness and Unconditional Love. As well as demonstrating this on the cross he also conveyed his Forgiving, Merciful, and Loving Spirit by dining with sinners (yes – people like you and I) – not to condemn, but to Encourage, Heal, and Change through Love.

We are called to do likewise – to Forgive, Help Others to Heal, and to Love Unconditionally.

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