A platform to help those that are facing challenges of ADDICTION/RELATIONSHIP

This is to help those that are facing challenges and want to genuinely change. If you really want to change or you know someone that is struggling, you can help him/her out. People are on board to help you. You can also share your struggle to motivate others. Can we help someone by sharing this.



Please read my story
I struggled with cocaine addiction for over twenty years – often leading to three / four consecutive days of cocaine induced sexual escapades. Fortunately for me it was never a physical addiction, but more psychological, as I not only saw it as the only way to have fun but also as the prop I needed to get girls to like and approve of me. Not only did none of my escapades lead to any kind of satisfaction, but they were always followed by several days of guilt, self-condemnation, self-loathing, and depression.

I tried everything to stop – rehab,  praying, fasting, all manner of deliverance, and even not going out socially for several months at a time.

A few years back I was introduced to the power of Grace by my older brother. Over time I began to see myself in a different light – as God’s Beloved Child and not His major disappointment; as Unconditionally Loved by God as against having to earn His love over and over and over again; as healed and not forever cursed.

As time went on I focused less on my problem and more on God’s Unconditional and Unfailing Love for me, and as a result the lure of cocaine and sexual immorality became less and less appealing / powerful.

I’ve come to realise during the past few years that  so many people are struggling with one addiction or another – drugs, pornography, alcohol, sex, bad relationship choices etc etc.  And most feel trapped because they have no idea who they are and how much God loves them.

Therefore I’ve  created a platform (www.hisunfailinglove.org) on which anyone struggling with an addiction can;

1. Share their struggle anonymously

2. Post Prayer Requests regarding whatever they’re struggling with or going through(anonymously). This means Christians across the world will be praying for you.

And also receive

1. Two messages / articles regarding God’s Unconditional and Unfailing Love every week.

2. One article regarding Identifying and Selling Your Passion / Purpose every week.

The aim of this site is threefold.

1. Heal you of your addiction through the Truth and Power of God’s Unconditional and Unfailing Love.

2. Empower you with the Truth of Who You Are In Christ Jesus

3. Enable you to Identify and Sell Your Passion / Purpose; thereby enabling you to know exactly Who You Are and Where You’re Going.

I believe many of those currently struggling with negative addictions are the ones God wants to use in a tremendously mighty way.

I invite you to join our Community of Love, Support, and Prayer – in order to be healed through the Unconditional and Unfailing Love of Jesus, and also to Identify and Actualise you God given Purpose.

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